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Could Sunday have been any better?

We started the day with our own rehearsal and soundcheck then had the great good fortune whilst the sun was still shining to enjoy a picnic lunch accompanied by the National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Anthony Inglis. They played classic tunes from around the British Isles, some sung by the wonderful soprano Annette Wardell and the very charming and talented 'Only Men Aloud'. Then a joint rehearsal with them for the Proms finale songs,

Such good fun and a privilege to be singing with these fine performers.

City Chorus opened the show at 7pm with three songs. By then the rain had sent in and the audience were hidden under a sea of umbrellas. It didn't dampen their enthusiasm and by the time the finale came around they had left their canvas caves and come to the front for a jolly, flag waving finale, singing the Proms classics, Jerusalem, Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory.

Apologies for the abrupt end to this video....your cameraman got a bit distracted by the fireworks!


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